Complete-flow intermediate testing line for new product development and new material research

Vacuum melting furnace

500Kg Multi-functional Mid-frequency Vacuum Melting Furnace is installed to smelt special steel, nickel-based alloys, high-temperature alloy, precision alloy and other materials ingot.

Multi-functional Vertical Complex Rolling Facility

Multi-functional Vertical Complex Rolling Facility can roll anti-corrosion steel,special steel, stainless steel and stagnant metal with a number of functions such as once piercing, twice piercing and MPM rolling, which are used for experimental study of the theory and technology on as rolled tubes and seamless rolling process.

SL-803C Numerical Control Threading-machine

With high-stiffness bed, this NC lathe can provide stable threading process for large-sized work piece with the features of high accuracy, large processing range and so on. It is mainly used for threading of OCTG and its auxiliary components, and supplying thread testing sample for R&D center.

Heat Treatment Testing System

Heat treatment testing system is used for the study of heat-treatment process. It is composed of high temperature furnace, tempering furnace and water quenching equipment. It can do heat treatment test on full-scale pipes. The water quenching equipment is using special quenching process of inner and outer water spraying with pipe rotating. This system has the character of wide temperature control, high level auto-control,and heating uniformly to pipe.

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