Pipe Transport

Preparation work before steel pipe transportation

1.Cargo inspection: Before transportation, the cargo owner should carefully check the quantity, quality, packaging, etc. of the goods to ensure that the goods are not damaged or missing.
2. Packaging inspection: The packaging of the goods should be complete and firm, and areas that require additional reinforcement should be specially marked.
3. Transportation mode selection: Select the appropriate transportation mode, such as waterway, railway or highway, etc. based on factors such as cargo type and distance.

Safety regulations in steel pipe transportation

1. Direction of the truck: The steel pipe should be installed toward the front of the truck to prevent it from rolling or falling during transportation.
2. Truck speed: The speed of trucks should be moderately controlled to stabilize goods and prevent falling.
3. Driving route: On the driving route, conditions such as uneven driving roads, sharp turns, sudden acceleration and sudden braking, which may affect the safety of the goods, should be avoided.
4. Loading and unloading regulations: When loading and unloading cargo, operating procedures should be followed, especially to avoid unsafe operations such as throwing and littering cargo.
5. Climatic conditions: In complex climate conditions, special care is required to ensure the safety of goods while guarding against severe weather such as rain, snow, strong winds, and typhoons.

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