Steel Manufacturing

Baowi steel currently has a steel production capacity of more than 10 million tons, advanced production technology and equipment; the product structure has realized the transformation to high-end plates and high-quality long products, forming hot-rolled commercial coils, cold-rolled commercial coils, electrical steel, medium and heavy plates and Long products have five series of product clusters, and the market share continues to increase. At present, Beiwu is building a comprehensive competitiveness of "manufacturing plus service" around making the iron and steel industry better and stronger. Competitive steel products, becoming a trusted service provider for high-end customers.

Baowi steel
Pre-iron system: 12 large coke ovens over 6m, 20 sintering machines over 200㎡, 5 blast furnaces with a size of 3200m³, 9 blast furnaces with a size of 2000m³, etc.;

Steelmaking system: 21 converters above 120t, 2 ultra-high power electric arc furnaces of 90t, etc.;

Steel rolling system: 6 sets of 1580-2250mm hot-rolled coil rolling mills, 6 sets of 3.5-4.2m wide and thick plate rolling mills, 4 sets of 1680-2180mm pickling and cold rolling combined mills, 33 sets of bar, wire and profile rolling mills.

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