Cut And Roll Grooving

Baowi steel rovides both cut grooving and roll grooving. Cut and roll grooving can be done in any style according to industry standards. Cut grooving can be applied to any length of pipe ranging from ½” to 20” in diameter with a minimum length of 2 ½”. Roll grooving can be applied to any length of pipe ranging from 2” to 24” in diameter with a minimum length of 6″.

Baowi Steel Plant is committed to providing high-quality slotting and grooving services, including slotted casings, screen pipes, and pipes with specific slotting requirements tailored to meet customer demands. Slotting and grooving are common processes in steel pipe manufacturing, widely used in various pipeline connections and installation projects. With our advanced technical equipment and extensive processing experience, we ensure that every pipe slot meets precise standards, offering superior products and services to our clients.

Slotting Process

The slotting process involves mechanically cutting one or more slots into the outer wall of a pipe, primarily used for pipeline connections and securing purposes. Baowi Steel Plant's slotting services can handle pipes with diameters ranging from ½” to 20”, with lengths customizable according to customer needs, with a minimum length of 2½”. We utilize high-precision cutting equipment to guarantee that the slots' dimensions and shapes meet industry standards and specific customer requirements.

Applications and Advantages of Slotting

High Flexibility: The slotting process is suitable for various pipe materials and specifications. Whether steel, aluminum, or other metal pipes, slotting can achieve a stable connection.

Convenient Installation: Slotted pipes can be more easily connected to other components, reducing installation time and labor costs, thus enhancing construction efficiency.

Strong Adaptability: Slotted pipes are widely used in construction, petroleum, chemical, and water supply fields, able to adapt to different environments and pressure conditions.

Grooving Process

The grooving process involves mechanically rolling a smooth groove into the outer wall of a pipe, typically used for connections and sealing in pipeline systems. Baowi Steel Plant's grooving services are suitable for pipes with diameters ranging from 2” to 24”, with lengths also customizable according to customer needs, with a minimum length of 6”. We employ advanced grooving equipment to ensure the smoothness and consistency of the grooves, making the pipes safer and more reliable in connection and use.

Applications and Advantages of Grooving

Strong Stability: Grooving creates smoother and more uniform grooves, providing better sealing performance and reducing the risk of leaks.

Wide Applicability: Grooved pipes are widely used in fire protection systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, and other pipeline systems requiring high sealing performance.

Good Durability: The grooving process enhances the durability and service life of the pipes, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

Process Standards and Quality Control

Baowi Steel Plant strictly follows industry standards for slotting and grooving operations. We have an experienced technical team and a comprehensive quality control system, ensuring that every step, from raw material selection to finished product inspection, is meticulously monitored to meet customer expectations and requirements.

Advanced Equipment: We have introduced internationally advanced slotting and grooving equipment, capable of precisely controlling the dimensions and shapes of the grooves, thereby improving processing efficiency and product quality.

Professional Team: Our technical team has many years of experience in slotting and grooving, capable of providing customized solutions based on different customer needs.

Rigorous Testing: Every batch of products undergoes strict testing before leaving the factory, ensuring the accuracy of slot dimensions, shape consistency, and surface smoothness meet industry standards and customer requirements.

Customer Service and Support

Baowi Steel Plant not only provides high-quality slotting and grooving products but also offers comprehensive technical support and after-sales services. We are committed to establishing long-term partnerships with our customers for mutual growth and success.

Technical Consultation: Our technical team is always available to offer professional technical consultation and solutions, helping customers resolve any issues encountered during use.

After-Sales Service: We have a dedicated after-sales service team that promptly responds to customer needs, providing fast and efficient support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customization Service: According to special customer requirements, we can offer customized slotting and grooving services, ensuring that each pipe meets specific application needs.

Baowi Steel Plant, with its advanced equipment, professional team, and stringent quality control system, provides high-quality slotting and grooving services. We are dedicated to continuously improving our technical level and service quality, offering robust support for pipeline connections and installations across various industries. Whether in construction, petrochemical, water supply, or other fields, Baowi Steel Plant is your reliable partner.

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