Pup Joints

Pup Joints

Pup joint is a short casing or tubing used for handling production tubing assemblies and for spacing out full length tubing and casing strings. Pup joints are also known as saver sub, spacer and pup.

Packaging of Pup Joint : The outer surface is coated with a protective layer (spray paint), marked according to API 5CT standards, and packed with metal steel strips. In order to meet the special requirements of customers, we can process oil pipe pup joints, thickened oil pipe pup joints, and casing pup joints of various sizes and lengths according to orders. Transformer oil pipe couplings, double male short circuits, high voltage short circuits, conversion joints, couplings, thread protectors.

API oil casing steel grades are usually J55 oil casing, K55 oil casing, N80 oil casing, L80 oil casing, P110 oil casing, L80-9CR, P110-13CR, etc.

Purpose of Pup Joint: Used to support the well wall and protect the oil pipe from being damaged by external forces.

Buckle type of Pup Joint : short round button (STC), long round button (LTC), ladder button (BTC)

Adopted standard of Pup Joint: API 5CT


Outside Diameter: 4 ½ inch – 13 3/8 inch
Typical Lengths: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 ft


API Tubing Pup Joints
Manufactured according to API Spec 5CT using prime API monogrammed, seamless oil country tubing. Optional diameters, lengths, weights, and grades are available upon request.

Premium Tubing Pup Joints
Seamless pup joints with premium connections are available in API and exotic alloy grades. Premium ends are threaded by the manufacturer or authorized licensee.

Casing Pup Joints
Any length, weight, and grade are available upon request.

Perforated Pup Joints
Available with standard or special perforation spacings. Each joint has four rows of ⅜ inch holes drilled longitudinally along the tube. Optional patterns, hole size, and lengths furnished upon request.
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