Smelting Technology

Low-cost ironmaking technology
Closed stockyard technology, thick material layer sintering technology, furnace charge structure optimization model, high blast temperature, high top pressure, oxygen-enriched, large injection smelting technology, blast furnace longevity control technology, large blast furnace low fuel ratio smelting technology. The application of technologies such as low-cost ironmaking has made the main indicators such as the blast furnace fuel ratio jump to the leading level of domestic blast furnaces of the same level.

Vanadium and titanium smelting technology
Based on the blast furnace-converter-vanadium chemical metallurgical process, the large-scale blast furnace vanadium-titanium ore smelting, converter vanadium slag extraction, the new three-step "fluidization" production of vanadium oxide, shaft furnace continuous production of vanadium nitride technology, vanadium alloy , vanadium electrolyte and other vanadium chemical products production technology to realize efficient and clean utilization of vanadium resources.

Precision Technology

Special thick plate production technology
Clean steel smelting, electroslag remelting, micro-alloying, thick slab (ingot) production, extra-thick plate rolling and heat treatment and other perfect extra-thick steel plate production technologies, the maximum thickness reaches 700mm, and the product quality reaches the international leading level.

Ultra-thin hot-rolled coil production technology
Ultra-thin hot-rolled coil production technology characterized by high-speed thin slab continuous casting technology, roller hearth heating furnace regenerative combustion technology, and ultra-thin hot-rolled coil rolling has realized high-carbon steel, weather-resistant Stable mass production of thin specifications of special varieties such as steel and electrical steel.

High-end automotive sheet production technology
Key technologies such as high cleanliness, precise control of narrow components, ultra-fast cooling, high surface quality control, high-precision plate shape control, and wide-width serial automotive plate production. The serial production of high-formability automotive steel represented by O5 plate and reduced-weight automotive steel represented by 1500MPa ultra-high-strength steel has been realized.

High-end special steel bar production technology
High-end bearing steel low titanium, low oxygen content control technology, high-end gear steel narrow composition, narrow hardenability control technology, high-end spring steel high cycle fatigue life control technology, high-end non-quenched and tempered free-cutting steel high Al, N, S control technology , to meet the requirements of special steel bars for automobiles and construction machinery

Automated Production

Automated steelmaking technology
Based on sub-gun detection and flue gas analysis, supplemented by precise measurement, detection, analysis and other means, a static and dynamic steelmaking control model suitable for the structural characteristics of the variety has been developed, realizing high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-cost automatic steelmaking.

Green production

Cleaner production technology
Implemented "advanced dust suppression and dust removal, steel slag gas quenching, CDQ, TRT, sintering, converter and other waste heat and pressure utilization, comprehensive utilization of gas, desulfurization of sintering machine, consumption of urban reclaimed water as supplementary water and advanced treatment and reuse of waste water, A series of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies, such as "high-efficiency and comprehensive utilization of solid waste", have reached the international leading level, and have been established as a model for the coordinated development of steel mills and cities.

Green mine development technology
The concept of "green mine" runs through all aspects of the life cycle of mining enterprises, including exploration, planning, mining, land reclamation and ecological environment restoration. Key technologies such as intelligent mining and dressing, underground filling, and tailless discharge have been implemented to realize digital mine construction, efficient resource utilization and fully automated mineral processing, and build a "safe, green, intelligent, and efficient" ecological mine.

Clean steel platform technology
Implemented analysis-optimized molten iron pretreatment, high-efficiency-intensified converter smelting, fast-coordinated secondary metallurgy, high-efficiency-constant-speed full continuous casting, dynamic-orderly operation informatization, and fine-tight process parameter control traceability and other technologies.

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