Green Steel

Safe Production

Baowi Steel has firmly established the concept of safe development, improved the safety production management system, strengthened the investigation of safety hazards, promoted the safety production culture, and escorted the high-quality development of the group with a solid safety line of defense.

By issuing the key points of annual safety work, Baowi Steel has organized to sign the responsibility statement of annual production safety objectives with subsidiaries and branches, convenes measures such as safety committee, production safety dispatching meeting, supervision and inspection, etc., and compacted the production safety responsibilities layer by layer; assisted key units of work safety,improved the safety management ability of operation heads, promotes the construction of intelligent safety informatization platform and other measures to improve safety management efficiency; improved and optimized the emergency management mechanism, and promoted the construction of safety standardization enterprises。

Taking the opportunity of “Safety Activity Month” and “Firefighting Activity Month”, Baowi Steel has organized safety training, emergency drills, safety knowledge competitions and other activities for employees to continuously improve and standardize their work safety quality and safety awareness. So far, the coverage rate of work safety training, employee physical examination and health records, special operation personnel with certificates, and three-level safety education for new employees were all ensured to be 100%.

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