Employee Promotion

Talent Concept
Applicable according to the ability: pay attention to the matching of people and posts, the matching of people's responsibilities, and the best use of talents.
Fair competition: Strive to create a dynamic employment mechanism and an environment of fair competition in which "the capable go up, the mediocre go down, and the mediocre go down"
Long-term incentives: customize a 5-year development plan for you, and realize the retention of salary, emotion and career
Help and guide: Experienced seniors serve as your mentors to help you get familiar with the work content and integrate into the new team faster

Talent development
Establish an employment practice base, establish a sound training system, and establish a mentor system.
From newcomer induction training, to basic and industry knowledge learning, to professional skills improvement, the perfect training system and experience sharing from seniors allow you to continuously enrich yourself, make progress together with outstanding people, and explore more possibilities for yourself.

Promotion and development path
Management talents
Assistant--Specialist--Senior Specialist--Supervisor--Manager--Senior Manager--Minister--Branch General Manager

Technical personnel
Assistant engineer--junior engineer--intermediate engineer--senior engineer--special engineer--technical expert--chief engineer

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