Management System

Management System

The company continues to improve and improve the all-round social responsibility management system and working mechanism, continuously expands the connotation of social responsibility management, and promotes social responsibility management in a scientific and standardized manner.

The company focuses on work benchmarking and index benchmarking, and benchmarks with excellent companies in corporate governance, operation, environment, society, etc., and further improves the company's social responsibility work system and index system.

The company incorporates social responsibility management knowledge into management training courses, and conducts systematic training for management personnel and business backbones around building a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise, which improves the understanding of basic knowledge of social responsibility management.

The company actively participates in social-themed activities on safety, energy saving, water saving, environmental protection, technology, quality, etc., and publishes the company's social responsibility work through various forms such as media, brochures, exhibitions, promotion meetings, and observation meetings. News and information, and the publicity of the company's practice of social responsibility concepts and achievements in fulfilling social responsibilities, further enhanced the whole society's understanding of the company's fulfillment of social responsibilities, and improved the consciousness and creativity of all employees in the company to promote the company's sustainable development.

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