Project manager

Job description:
1. Organize the preparation of safety documents, safety education and management of safety documents;
2. Carry out safety supervision, inspection and inspection on the construction site, and make safety inspection records;
3. Provide safety education and punishment to teams and individuals that do not comply with safety regulations, and order rectification in a timely manner;
4. Responsible for the preparation of safety plans and improvement plans;
5. Correctly fill in the safety production report on the inspection of safety measures on the construction site, and regularly put forward opinions on the analysis report of safety production;
6. Organize safety inspection, safety education, safety activities and training and assessment of special operators;
7. Handle general security incidents.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in wood engineering, architecture and structure;
2. More than 2 years of experience in engineering safety management, with qualification certificates for construction engineers and safety officers;
3. Familiar with various national safety laws and regulations, familiar with the production site safety work flow, safety operation specifications and safety management procedures, and be able to timely discover safety hazards and make corrections;
4. Familiar with relevant safety regulations, standards and daily safety management of building construction production process, safety protection, fire protection, power supply, etc., and have a high sense of responsibility;
5. Possess certain coordination, organization and communication skills, and certain language expression skills.

Technical director

Job description:
1. Responsible for the construction organization design of construction projects and the preparation of special construction plans;
2. Be responsible for the technical disclosure of various schemes of the project, organize and guide technicians in the preparation of various technical materials of the project, and do a good job in inspection and test management
3. Responsible for the implementation of technical solutions in the project construction process, and monitor the correctness and standardization of technical practices;
4. Organize the review of project drawings and solve technical problems during the construction process;
5. Study the construction drawings, and propose practical technical improvements and design optimizations during the construction process, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing project costs; .
6. During the completion of the project construction, promote the technical research of the project construction, prepare the technical summary in time, and do a good job of the technical summary after completion.

Job requirements:
1. Majors in architecture, civil engineering, industrial and civil construction, college degree or above;
2. More than 3 years working experience in on-site technical management of construction enterprises;
3. Familiar with and master the relevant national building construction technical specifications, industry standards, construction techniques and acceptance procedures;
4. Intermediate technical titles or above, first-level construction engineer (architecture) qualifications are preferred.

Security officer
Job description:
1. Assist the project manager and technical person in charge in the safety management of the project, and take the main responsibility for the safety problems that occur on the construction site
2. Implement the policies, norms, and regulations of the relevant national and local authorities on safety, and adhere to the policy of putting safety first.
3. Seriously inspect and supervise the labor protection of safe production on the construction site and the implementation of various safety regulations.
4. Participate in the drafting of the terms of safety production technical measures in the construction plan, check and supervise the implementation of the terms, be responsible for the management and use of safety measure signs, and record the safety account in time.
5. Be responsible for the routine safety inspection activities of the project, and make inspection records, assist in the implementation of reward and punishment measures, stop violations, and handle and record general accidents.
6. Carry out safety education for new workers entering the construction site and safety education for daily production.
7. Participate in the investigation of industrial accidents, analyze, deal with, summarize, and report.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in civil engineering or construction, engaged in construction safety management for more than 2 years.
2. More than 2 years of work experience in security positions, with a security officer qualification certificate, a security officer C certificate, and a registered safety engineer certificate is preferred;
3. Familiar with national and local laws, regulations, standards and norms related to occupational safety, health and environmental protection, and have rich knowledge and experience in on-site safety management;
4. Possess strong safety management foresight, strong execution ability, good communication and coordination ability and strong organizational management ability, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and have a strong sense of responsibility.

Quality inspector

Job description:
1. Familiar with the quality standards of each process on site, the content of construction drawings and technical requirements, and understand the key points and difficulties of quality control.
2. Responsible for inspecting incoming materials to verify whether they meet the design and specification requirements.
3. Assist the person in charge of technology to do a good job in the implementation of the subcontractor or construction team's technical disclosure, special construction plan, and operation instructions.
4. Strictly implement the "three inspection system" and "procedure inspection system" during the construction process, supervise and control the quality, correct illegal operations and put forward rectification opinions, and issue rectification notices or fines to units that refuse to rectify .
5. Provide technical support and guidance for operators to prevent illegal construction.
6. Organize the inspection and acceptance of the key parts and hidden parts of the construction and make records.
7. Organize and collaborate in the inspection of physical quality, and make data records.
8. Record the unqualified parts and propose rectification measures.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, graduated from an engineering related major, and holds a quality inspector certificate;
2. More than two years of on-site management experience of quality inspectors, at least 3 complete project quality inspection work experience;
3. Familiar with relevant quality regulations and standards, strong execution ability, strong working principles, and can insist on operating according to the norms and standards in the face of quality problems.

Overseas Development Manager

Job description:
1. Formulate overseas market expansion process and system
2. Grasp the dynamics of overseas markets, formulate overall strategies for product expansion and implement them
3. Formulate and organize the implementation of annual and monthly plans for overseas market operations
4. Regularly submit overseas market expansion reports and market analysis reports
5. Establish and maintain a relationship network related to overseas market activities

Job requirements:
1. Received training in marketing, public relations, product knowledge, etc.
2. More than 3 years working experience in overseas market development and marketing
3. Strong market perception ability, ability to keenly grasp market dynamics and market direction
4. Possess business planning ability, excellent oral and written English skills
5. Proficiency in English communication skills, experience in overseas market development is preferred
6. Bachelor degree or above, international business, marketing and other related majors are preferred

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