Environmental Performance

Environmental Performance

Guided by the scientific concept of development, Baowi Steel pays attention to innovation and environmental protection, and unswervingly implements "creating a high-quality base; building an "environmental high-quality steel city", building a low-carbon green factory, making garden plants and the ecological environment coexist harmoniously, and walking out a new path The road to sustainable development. Baowi Steel adopts the most advanced technical measures from the source and top-level design, and fully implements the environmental protection transformation of ultra-low emission projects.

The four major environmental protection upgrading and renovation projects of "water, air, noise and slag" implemented by the company mainly include "fully enclosed renovation of pre-refining raw material transportation, coking and sintering desulfurization and denitrification renovation, Hengle steel slag, building materials yard relocation, wastewater, noise, and dust collector upgrading and renovation" and other projects. In these projects, seamless steel pipes, drill pipes, pup joint and casings and other products are widely used to improve environmental protection performance and process efficiency, especially in "desulfurization and denitrification, ultra-low emissions" and other aspects. It plays a key role.

Through the full recovery and utilization of natural gas, more than 5 billion kWh of natural gas can be used to generate electricity every year. The recovery and utilization of waste heat steam not only realizes self-supply, but also realizes external supply of surplus steam. Supply more than 500,000 tons of steam to the society and reduce coal consumption by 60,000 tons.Construct production lines for slag grinding, steel slag recycling, and sludge balls, including 400,000 tons/year of metallurgical solid waste such as iron sludge and dust removal; There are 45 sets of recycling systems, and the reuse rate of industrial water is over 97.4%. A 150,000-ton/day gray water plant has been built to reuse industrial wastewater and save 30 million tons of new water annually.

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