Drilling Project in Jiangsu

Drilling Project in Jiangsu

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The drill pipe used in the Suzhou Drilling Project is an important tool specially designed for underground drilling operations. The main function of the drill pipe is to transmit the rotation and vertical pressure of the drill bit to the formation for drilling operations. During the drilling process, the extension and use of the drill pipe are crucial to the success of the entire project.

Here are some key points about the drill pipe:

The steps for drilling with drill pipe are as follows:

Preparation: site survey, equipment inspection, preparation of drilling fluid.

Installing the drilling rig: building the foundation, installing the drilling rig, and conducting safety inspections.

Installing the drill pipe and drill bit: selecting and connecting the drill bit and drill pipe, and installing the drill string.

Start drilling: start the drilling rig and drilling fluid circulation system, and monitor drilling parameters.

Drill pipe continuation: stop drilling, add new drill pipe, and resume drilling.

Dealing with problems: dealing with stuck drill, changing drill bits, and maintaining equipment.

Drilling completion: reaching the predetermined depth, removing the drill string, and cleaning the wellbore.

Follow-up work: handling the wellhead, recording data, and cleaning the site.

The selection and use of drill pipe have an important impact on the efficiency and safety of the Suzhou Drilling Project. Reasonable selection of drill pipe types and scientific use and maintenance can significantly improve drilling efficiency and reduce project costs.

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