Foundation Drilling Project in Xinjiang

Foundation Drilling Project in Xinjiang

Reliable foundation drilling is essential to the success of any construction project. Drill rigs are used to bore huge holes deep into the earth’s surface to insert piles that are the base upon which a structure is erected.

Product details for project

In the complex environment of Xinjiang foundation drilling projects, our LSAW steel pipes are specially designed to meet strict engineering standards and requirements. The specific size and quantity are determined according to the project requirements to ensure that the special needs of each foundation drilling project can be met.

Construction steps
1. Before the foundation drilling project begins, conduct detailed geological surveys and design reasonable dimensions.
2. Use professional drilling equipment for drilling operations.
3. Lift the pre-made LSAW steel pipe into the borehole, and the size and quantity of the steel pipe are adjusted according to the specific project requirements.
4. The steel pipe is installed in place, initially fixed, then professionally welded, and finally poured with concrete.
5. After the construction is completed, a comprehensive quality inspection is carried out, including the verticality of the steel pipe, welding quality, strength and density of the concrete, etc.

Details of LSAW steel pipes used
In this Xinjiang foundation drilling project, the specific number and size of LSAW steel pipes used were precisely configured according to the needs of this project. The following is the usage of a specific project:
Steel pipe size: According to project requirements, the size of the LSAW steel pipe used is Φ406.4mm x SCH40.
Number of steel pipes: A total of 500 LSAW steel pipes were used in this project.
Steel pipe material: High-quality carbon steel is selected, which meets the API 5L standard to ensure its strength and durability.
Steel pipe length: Each steel pipe is 12 meters long and the total length is 6,000 meters.

These LSAW steel pipes are strictly produced and quality controlled to ensure their applicability and reliability in various geological conditions. Through scientific and reasonable construction steps and high-quality materials, we successfully completed this Xinjiang foundation drilling project, providing solid guarantee for the stability and long-term service life of local infrastructure.

 LSAW steel pipes LSAW steel pipes

 LSAW steel pipes  LSAW steel pipes

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