Mineral Exploration Project in Spain

Mineral Exploration Project in Spain

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Lead ore deposit exploration project in Linares, Spain

A Spanish-based exploration and engineering company is preparing a 20 million euro lead ore deposit exploration project. The project is located in the Linares region in southern Spain, which was once the center of lead mining. In order to ensure the smooth progress and efficient operation of the exploration work, the project uses seamless steel pipes.

Main technical parameters and cut-to-length requirements: Hot-rolled seamless pipes 89*4,5mm, 108*4.5mm, 159*4.5mm, 159*6mm and 219*6mm five specifications require 9 meters of cut-to-length delivery.

Coal mines are large-scale production systems. During the coal production process, coal needs to be transported from the wellhead to the mine surface. And seamless steel pipes are the most commonly used pipe materials for coal transportation.

Seamless steel pipes can also be used as drainage pipes, which can withstand high pressure and large flow of water to avoid pipe rupture and leakage.

Mine ventilation equipment: Seamless steel pipes are also important parts for ventilation equipment such as blowers and ventilators used in mines.

Compared with traditional materials such as welded steel pipes and cast iron pipes, seamless steel pipes have the advantages of high strength and toughness in the field of mining machinery manufacturing. They can withstand higher loads and impact forces, and improve the stability and reliability of equipment.

 seamless steel pipes  seamless steel pipes

 seamless steel pipes  seamless steel pipes

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