Shipyard Design Project in Singapore

Shipyard Design Project in Singapore

Product details for project

This project is implemented by our client Singapore Shipyard, aiming to build a new type of offshore engineering vessel. The products required for this project are flanges, valves, elbows and stainless steel seamless pipes. After the completion of the first phase, the vessel will have basic navigation and operation capabilities. After the second and third phases are put into production, the functions and operation capabilities of the vessel will be greatly improved respectively.

The scope of work of this project includes engineering design, procurement and installation of the following:

Configuration and installation of flange valves, elbows and stainless steel seamless pipes
Design and layout of ship piping systems
Installation of marine pipe cleaners and sludge traps
Configuration of high-pressure separators
Configuration of marine pumps, pipes, valves and other related components
Improvements in hull and deck processes
Sewer, utility and off-site drainage systems
Design and improvement of electrical and instrumentation systems
Installation and commissioning of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
Design and installation of ship seawater inlets and outlets
Design and installation of wastewater treatment systems
Configuration of seawater desalination and water refining systems

After the implementation of the project, the competitiveness of Singapore Shipyard in the field of offshore engineering will be greatly enhanced, providing customers with high-quality engineering ships and promoting the development of related industries.

Elbow Flange Elbow

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